Its extraordinarily frustrating to work in spatial audio composition because so few people can consume the work. I find it increasingly difficult to remain inspired by new ideas since I know that only a handful of people might get to experience it. That’s a handful of people to validate a work which might have taken months and months of technical shenanigans to produce.

Its not sustainable. At least not for the sane.

Home 5.1 systems are just not a serious delivery option for spatial audio. There’s too many ways in which things will (and almost always do) go wrong. Speakers wont be arranged properly, or they wont be matched, or the listener wont sit in the middle, or the levels wont be consistent etc.

Electroacoustic concerts are also not that great. Its a small select group of people who are exposed to them, and most are more interested in exposing their own works (I count myself in that group).

There *is* a potential way to deliver spatial audio to the masses. I kick myself thinking about it. Focus on writing the thesis. Kick. Kick. Sometimes I question the validity of the ideas I’m postulating in the thesis since I cant easily audition them. And I think that I really need a way to easily and quickly produce spatial audio in a highly consumable form. There is *potentially* a way to do that. But it would take months of coding. Of hard, low level, grinding your elbows on the road type of coding. And it might not work. There’s 2 things that could go wrong. 1) the device might not be powerful enough. 2) its audio latency might not be fast enough.

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