Artificial Stupidity: needs that cant be met?

I am attempting to create an abstraction of the part of thought that causes irrationality. I am expressing this abstraction as software … as code. I am doing this because software is outrageously explicit. It is terminally finite, and I believe that our irrationality is caused by a process that is, ultimately, finite and simple (if hugely obscured).

The first line of the code is:

while (the_minds_needs.count > 0) { ... do stuff ... }

Within this statement lies several crucial abstractions.

Firstly, it is stating that without a need, without a goal, thought doesn’t happen. You can interpret this in a zen fashion (not that I am an expert in zen) in the sense that without any needs there is ‘silence of the mind’. This can be further interpreted that if the mind is not silent (and mine certainly isn’t) then there are unmet needs, there are some goals that are still being met. Incidently, this is why I believe that the notion of ’emptying your mind’ is so absurd… as soon as one determines a goal (in this case to ’empty the mind’) then that effectively launches thought to try and fulfil that need. The illusion that one has emptied their mind is perhaps created by the fact that it is filled with the singular desire to be empty.

Secondly, if there are goals then it expresses that the thought system has the ability to determine whether a goal is met or not.

Thirdly, goals are things which inherently imply time, they imply the future. If one is working towards a goal, then one has a sense of time … a sense that there are things that can and will happen in the future.

What I am not convinced by is the third one: … that the mind has a sense of the future within its structure. Ofcourse, there is a sense of time within our thinking, but is it structural, or is it just conceptualised?

I am looking for the need … the goal … that is unsatisfiable. Either that, or I am looking for a class of need which is satisfiable but which is auto-spawning. Hmmm … auto-spawning. Auto-spawning needs. That rings a bell. Maybe its not that the need is unsatisfiable, maybe it is just that it so constantly spawns needs that there isn’t enough time to satisfy them. A pattern somewhat like cancer. Uncontrolled growth. The uncontrolled growth of needs. Is that it?

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