I am exhausted by the inaccessibility …

I am exhausted by the inaccessibility of the music I produce.

(yet fear to produce something accessible on the basis that it may be perceived as superficial)

Just had to get that off my chest. Its a fine line. On one side is inaccessibility, on the other is superficiality (or whimsy). I suspect that in an attempt to steer clear of whimsy, many composers aim straight for inaccessibility, thereby overstepping the non-wimsical but accessible work. I’m tired of inaccessibility. Inaccessibility can sometimes actually be a disguised ‘safeness’. Its easy to produce inaccessible music. I suspect that it is extraordinarily hard to produce accessible *new* music. Hmm .. what I might do in my next composition is stay on this side of the accessibility line. Riské.

Ofcourse, it should not need to be said that the composer jumping over the line and heading straight to ‘inaccessible’ is one engaged in an act of stupidity. Its irrational. The kind of act I am trying to model with the concept of Artificial Stupidity.

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One Response to I am exhausted by the inaccessibility …

  1. Tom says:

    I feel your pain. I too struggle with this. But I am never happy unless I can create something that is both accessible and original. Unfortunately not many artists manage to do that and I have no reason to believe that I ever will. Still I persevere!

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