Milton Babbitt

For this revolution [that of the electronic medium (my words)] has effected, summarily and almost completely, a transfer of the limits of musical composition from the limits of the non electronic medium and the human performer, not to the limits of this most extensive and flexible of media but to those more restrictive, more intricate, far less well understood limits: the perceptual and conceptual capacities of the human auditor. Babbitt 1962

The electronic medium has a capacity for sounds both beyond our perceptual abilities … and beyond our conceptual abilities. And so working with the electronic medium really asks us to focus *specifically* on what is perceptually meaningful  … and subsequently asks us how we can conceive of sounds that are perceptually meaningful.

That’s a very good insight into my previous blog post… where I state that I am exhausted by the inaccessibility of my music. No bloody wonder! Its the nature of the medium … a medium that asks ‘can you find the perceptually meaningful?’ … that’s the challenge. The easy solution is clearly melody, harmony, rhythm. The difficult solution is far more fleeting.

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