Heidegger: Technology is a mode of revealing

Argghhh. Heidegger, your writings are so cryptic. When you say:

Technology is a mode of revealing. Technology comes to presence in the realm where revealing and unconcealment take place, where aletheia, truth, happens

… do you mean:

  1. That it is the technology by itself that reveals? For example, the lathe reveals some truth about how we can achieve greater manual accuracy if mechanical force required to cut something is taken away from the craftsman … and executed by a machine? or,
  2. that the technology reveals something else? For example, the lathe reveals a wooden cup. In other words, it doesn’t reveal anything by itself, rather, it reveals other stuff.

Speaking about ‘modern’ technology, he says:

a tract of land is challenged into the putting out of coal and ore. The earth now reveals itself as a coal mining district, the soil as a mineral deposit.

So modern technology has caused the earth to reveal itself in a particular light. That’s neither of the above two options! … that’s an other angle altogether. Now he is saying that technology causes other things to reveal themselves in a different light. Such frustratingly ambiguous language.

I want to know, in Heidegger’s eyes, if the loudspeaker (as a technology) is a revealing of our understanding of sound … or if loudspeakers are a revealing of other things (eg. the sounds themselves) … or if loudspeakers enable sounds to reveal themselves as something (eg, sonic artefact to be used in a composition). That’s 3 possible interpretations. Which is the right one?

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